Music, Dance & Performing Arts Classes

Music, Movement, Dance and Performing Arts has so many benefits for all ages. Not only is it great for physical health but also mental health. It allows children in particular to express themselves freely, explore how their bodies move and gain confidence.

It helps with co-ordination and both gross and fine motor skills as well as aid vocabulary development through movement. Any physical activity helps to release those happy hormones but moving to music aids that even more and really helps to lift anyone’s mood!
TOP TIPS⭐Find an activity that is age appropriate and engaging.

⭐Join in with your child, they will not only love that time together but they will also get more out of the session.

⭐Dont worry if your child doesn't join in straight away, moving to music can be quite an intimidating thing, allow time for your child to gain confidence to move freely in a room of people they may not know.

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