Academic & Creative Classes

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life! They learn most rapidly and the quality of their experiences help shape how their brains grow, and their ability to learn and achieve, both in education and also in life! Between the ages of 2 and 3 a child's brain power increases at a startling rate!

Academic themed activities, usually from pre-school age up, introduce early academic subjects like science, maths, reading and languages in a gentle, fun and engaging way to keep little ones interested,  support 'brain building' and confidence and enhance 'school readiness'.

The benefits of sharing creative play with your child are well documented, it builds many of the essential core skills including hand : eye co-ordination, problem solving, fine motor skill development along with little hand and finger strength - not forgetting social/interactive skills and confidence. All of which help to build a strong foundation for each developmental step, supporting 'school readiness'.

Top Tips

⭐To build confidence

⭐Create the opportunity for your child to make decisions

⭐Encourage motor skills and early speech and language skills

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