Show Your Gratitude and Support Your Child's Class Leader with an Award

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Nominations Lead to Awards and Recognition

Award nominations are great because they recognise the efforts of individuals across different industries. It can be incredibly motivating for businesses and organisations when their team members receive awards, as it shows that their hard work has been noticed and appreciated. Furthermore, when people or companies win awards, it has positive implications for the services they offer - it can boost customer trust and loyalty in those services.

How You Can Help Show Appreciation

You can easily help support your child's class leader by nominating them for an award. It talks just a few minutes to nominate your class leader in the What's On 4 Kids Children's Activities Awards. Then, let the class leader know that they were nominated - hearing about a nomination might just put a smile on their face! Finally, if they are successful in receiving the award, let them know how proud of them you are!

Encourage Others to Nominate Too!

As well as making your own nomination yourself, why not rally others around you? Encouraging other parents or carers in the same situation to nominate will further increase awareness of the class leader’s hard work (not to mention good service!), which could lead to even more nominations down the line. It is also likely that many parents or carers would be happy to join in with such an effort.


Showing gratitude is important – especially when someone goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Therefore, nominating your child's class leader for an award could be just what you need to do show your appreciation for them! Not only does this provide recognition but it can also support their business too - meaning everyone wins! So what are you waiting for? Get those nominations in today!

Your nomination today could be the start of something very special!

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