How Babies and Toddlers are Adjusting to Post-Pandemic Life

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Transitioning Back Into Care Facilities

When the pandemic first hit, many childcare centers and nuseries closed their doors completely. This meant that parents had to juggle work along with taking care of their children at home. Babies and toddlers have started transitioning back into care facilities. It can certainly be an adjustment for them; after having spent so much time at home, they may behesitant to go back out into the world again. But the good news is that thereare things parents can do to help make this transition smoother. For starters,it helps if you make sure your child knows who will be caring for them whileyou’re away at work or running errands. Show them photos of their teachers orcaregivers and talk about them positively; this will help make your child feelmore comfortable when it comes time for drop-off.


Changes in Family Practices

The pandemic has changed many family practices when it comes to activities like going out to eat or visiting relatives who don't live nearby; however, this doesn’t mean that babies and toddlers aren't still getting plenty of love from their families! In fact, some families are finding new ways to stay connected despite social distancing guidelines by doing things like video calls or sending mail back and forth with drawings or letters included. This helps keep babies and toddlers engaged even if they can't see their loved ones in person right now. Furthermore, parents should try not to stress too much over what they can’t control—like social distancing protocols—and instead focus on what they can control: making sure their little ones still get plenty of quality family time even if it looks different than before the pandemic began.  



It's clear that the pandemic has certainly made life more complicated for babies and toddlers—just like it has for everyone else. However, there are things we as parents can do to make sure our young ones adjust as smoothly as possible during these ever-changing times. From making sure your child feels comfortable before returning to childcare or daycare facilities to finding creative ways for family members who don't live nearby to stay connected with each other—small steps like these can go a long way towards helping our little ones adjust post-pandemic life successfully.

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